GAA Muharram Series – 1442/2020

Vice vs. Virtue

Life’s challenges as a test of Honesty

Doing something once isn’t enough to be associated with that action permanently. We need challenges to verify traits to ourselves, so that we can perfect these traits. Now imagine a world where everyone perfected their traits?!

“Do the people think that they will be left to say, “We believe” and they will not be tried?

Honesty (moral integrity) is the basis of all virtues, we improve it by reciprocating honesty, often we rush answers out of fear of judgement or degradation but if we take time we can answer without resorting to deception or lying.

Now there’s a balance to all traits and the a famous verse from a Persian poem reads “Truth is to be told but not every truth” meaning every truth has a place and some are not for utterance so one can be explosively honest but hurt many peoples feelings so this is where wisdom from patience is to be practiced.

So thinking before we speak and analysing whether it should be shared. So Until we speak again let us analyse our own words and make sure our words are honest but wholesome, pure and beneficial.