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(Obtained from the Fiqh Masterclass)

A cordial discipline of worship, especially the invoking worship, is informing [tafhim]. It is to take the heart, at the beginning, as a child not yet able to speak, and is wanted to be taught. So, each of the invocations, recitations, facts and secrets of worship is to be taught to the heart with strict accuracy and effort, and whatever the degree of perfection, one has to teach to the heart the facts which he has so far recognized. read more

(Obtained from the Fiqh Masterclass) Know that as long as man is in the world of nature and in the abode of the primary [hayulani] matter, he is under the rule of the divine soldiers and the Satanic soldiers. The … read more

At times we often find ourselves lost in the world, reaching out to understand our purpose and aim. With such busy lifestyles we often find our lives are merely controlled by day to day events, where we become mere robots … read more

I finally get how “Everyday is Ashura and every land is Kerbala” after reading Naomi Klein’s international bestseller Shock Doctrine earlier this year. In this meticulously documented book, Klein laid out how extreme acts of violence perpetrated against populations around … read more

How many of us choose to attend an Islamic event based solely on the person speaking? Big names draw big crowds at lectures, seminars, and discussions. It doesn’t even matter how many times we’ve heard that same lecture about unity … read more

to Who is Hussain (AS) Campaign comes to Glasgow” rel=”bookmark”>Who is Hussain (AS) Campaign comes to Glasgow

to Who is Hussain (AS) Campaign comes to Glasgow”>Who is Hussain?to a family renowned for their values of love, equality and peace. He exemplified these morals – taught to him by his grandfather Muhammad, the last prophet of Islam. Being born into …