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Group Discussion Thank you Message

In the Name of Allah The Most Beneficent The Most Kind

Asalamu Alaykum

Our Battles in History series concluded on Friday with a very thought-provoking presentation on the Battle of Hunayn from Brother Abbas many thanks to him for the time and work that went into this.

We also wish to extend our warmest thanks to everyone who contributed to the series from the speakers for all the time and research that went into preparing some truly excellent talks, to the attendees for coming along with their thoughts, to those who brought their culinary skills! Every single effort counted towards the program and is greatly appreciated.

While it is a contentious subject, it is important to be able to learn and reflect on the battles that contributed to the spread of the Islamic faith and inshaAllah everyone gained a better insight into these events through these discussions. We welcome all feedback, please tell us what you thought of the program and how you think future ones could be improved.

The next GAA program will be a pre-Ramadan program in June. We will keep you updated inshaAllah so watch this space!

We will close with a friendly reminder to catch up on any fasts you missed last year before Ramadan comes round again.

Until next time

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