Importance of Jesus in Islam

Importance of Jesus in Islam

Syed Zafar Abbas Naqvi, in this GAA lecture, said that the Quran talks about the Virgin Mary more in depth than it’s normally spoken about. The birth of Prophet Jesus has a huge significance in Islam. She is one of the most important and righteous women in Islam. She is mentioned in the Quran more than in the New Testament. She is the only woman mentioned by name in the Quran.

Imams refers Jesus through the Quran with various stories. Allah wants us to reflect these stories so that we can reflect in our lives and ask ourselves How can we become better people?

The brith of Jesus is special as he had no father, why is this special because we all have fathers. Allah is sending a message that Allah can bring anyone into existence. Even Mary is surprised that how can this happen? When the angel comes down the angel is asked the question and the angel replyies that Allah can do anything.

Prophet Jesus was only in this world for 33 years, a very important point to reflect over, what have I achieved in my life, we should take a moment in our lives to think what can I leave behind?

Jesus’ message is how to be God conscious, his message was to become a good person you don’t need to wait to be old, Jesus is telling us that that the pinnacle of his life is Taqwa, this message is for the young that they have to start an early age to be good people and have control – that is the real Taqwa.