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In The Name of Allah The Most Merciful The Most Kind
Asalamu alaykum

Why do we mark Muharram every year? Why do we mourn and what are the
ways to mourn? Why did non-Muslims join Imam Hussain (AS) At Kerbala?
Will they be rewarded the same as Muslims? Is the Sin of a Muslim, the
same as a bad deed of a Non-Muslim? How will Muslims and Non-Muslims
be treated on the day of judgement?  How can the events of Kerbala be
regarded as the flag for faith? Do we really love Imam Hussain and the
Ahlul-Bayt? How do we prove this love?

All these Questions and more will be approached in this Year’s
Muharram Series. Please make a special effort to attend all these
programs. It is a simple sacrifice to attend these gatherings and
learn as well as share knowledge, experience and wisdoms. These 10
nights are attempt to start the Islamic New Year in the most
appropriate and fruitful manner inshAllah. The interactive talks will
be provided by local speakers who will try their utmost to deliver
them to the highest quality.

The program will start from Wednesday 14th October straight after
Maghrib 6.30 – 7.30pm in the Library Room if 25 Woodside Place.

Night 1 The Beginning– An introduction to what can be achieved in
these 10 nights

Time is extremely tight so your welcome to pray in the centre prior
the class starting so you don’t miss out!

Your participation is requested in these coming nights.

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