GAA Green Iftar – Month of Ramadan 1440/2019

On 31st of May 2019, the GAA held its first “Green Iftar” at Andalus Centre in Glasgow as their final event for Holy month of Ramadan.

The event began with an interactive talk from Sheikh Mohammed Pakdin on the Importance of the Environment from an Islamic perspective, quoting many verses of the Holy Quran and narrations. After praying, attendees enjoyed a congregational prayer and an opportunity to break fast with a range of tasty, vegetarian and healthy foods. The spread ranged from traditional middle eastern Dolma, to fruit platters and dessert and much much more made by all the lovely GAA volunteers! Attendees were asked to bring their own spoon and mug to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste that usually results from such events. Many reflected on this practise and were inspired to bring their own utensils and tubs for any future iftars and to do their bit for the planet.

The evening ended with an informal discussion circle lead by Sheikh Pakdin debating the topic of halal and organic meat consumption and social activism for the environment. We thank all volunteers and attendees for allowing this event to be a huge success and an enjoyable evening to mark the approaching end of Ramadan.