Muharram 2018 – Interactive Workshops

GAA Muharram Summary


Muharram. The beginning of the Islamic year. Sacred resolutions?

This year we focused on developing our morality and we needed to understand it first.

Our moral conduct is what we do, how we act, and why we act with key values guiding our moral conduct.

Morality and these values can be shaped by many things…books, films, people etc.

Essentially Allah (SWT) created all human beings equal with the light of ‘Fitra’. This inner nature, if not clouded, will allow us to identify moral behaviour. We then have to believe in Allah and identify a religion which allows us to submit to Him. We then can further submit by practicing religious duties.

Often people’s morality can be subjective to the goals they pursue. These goals can be material and transient or they can be sacred and eternal.

The latter approach allows you to maintain morals and have material without compromise.

This Muharram, with the help of community members and Scholars we were encouraged to evaluate our moral principles. To what extent can we test our morality? Can ends justify the means?

We identified our intention, namely our sacred objective, the ultimate of which is being intimate with Allah (SWT), is the key to framing our morality. Our sacred objective requires sacred sources, sacred guides. They are available if we want to access. These will complement our inner guide just like how law should complement our morality and not be a destination in itself.

Values discussed included Trustworthiness, humbleness, selflessness as well harnessing our inner good to perform good.

We concluded by reflecting on the proactive role we can play in society whether local or global and with our rejuvenated moral compass inspired by Imam Hussain’s (AS) compassion, courage and nobility.

We would like to thank everyone for their participation and look forward to seeing everyone at future events.